Slain in the Spirit

In the late 1970’s I was in a church service in which a lady was touching people and they would fall backwards, supposedly slain in the Spirit. I attended the meeting with one of those people. He had a very serious heart condition. When we entered the church his pain was so great that he could hardly walk. When the time came he went up on stage and, when she touched him, he fell backwards. When he came to, the symptoms of his heart condition had disappeared. He felt brand new after this experience and actually turned somersaults on the stage.

I prayed and asked God to let me know if being slain in the Spirit was really of Him, and went up on stage to find out. When my turn came, the lady reached out to me and pulled her hand away the very second she touched my forehead. She actually jumped back a foot or two. She just stood there with a confused and startled look on her face, and never said a word. I stood in front of her for twenty to thirty seconds, then turned and walked away. (Every single person before and after me fell backwards when the lady touched them; I was the only one who didn’t fall.) After the service, I told the person who had thought he was healed that even though his symptoms had disappeared, what had just happened to him was not of God, but he didn’t believe me. After going several days without his usual symptoms, he quit his medicine and died of a heart attack within thirty days.

This gentleman assumed that because he felt wonderful and the symptoms of his heart condition had vanished, his experience was of God. Yet, though the symptoms were gone from his mental awareness, they were still present in his body. I warned him nearly every day after his experience that it was not of God and that he should not quit his medicine. He ignored me until the day he died.

Please consider this: People who are supposedly slain in the Spirit usually fall backwards, needing someone to catch them. And when women wearing dresses and/or skirts fall backwards they sometimes also need someone to cover them. The Spirit of our God is holy; He would never betray His holiness and put women in this kind of situation. Likewise, He would never put a man or a woman in a position in which they might hit their heads when they fall under His power. The spirit behind this so-called “slain in the spirit” is not holy.

Be careful what you accept as truth. Weigh everything on the Word of God. The phenomena they call “slain in the Spirit” is not in the Scriptures, nor is it in the kingdom of God.

The human mind relishes in physical signs it can see, and oftentimes ends up laying aside its soberness and accepting those things without regard for the Scriptures. We must always be cautious. 

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant