Approaching the Lord

Some people approach Jesus as if He is sitting in judgment of them. They cannot be at ease with Him in prayer because they feel so guilty. Well, let me tell you something — He is in the guilt killing business. He will never lay guilt on anyone who approaches Him in prayer, though He may know they’re guilty, He won’t even hint of it. All that comes from Jesus is love and concern for them. If they are Christians, He is their intercessor; if they are sinners, He is their Savior.

My friends, I have been very fortunate to have seen Jesus a few times and I just want to say it is nothing but wonderful to be near Him. Once I knelt before Him at an altar and another time I stood beside Him when my spirit was caught up with Him. Both times I felt no guilt, no fear, only loving comfort. The other times I’ve seen Him were like seeing the desire of my heart. I was drawn to Him each time.

I just want everyone to know that when you approach Jesus or the Father don’t be afraid or timid. And don’t approach them like a mad warrior, instead approach them with a humble and grateful heart, knowing they were both kind enough to make a way through the sacrifice of Jesus, in order that you can go straight to God, for the veil of the temple was torn apart. We can now bow directly in front of His throne and make our requests known. What a glorious Savior we have, to have made this possible for us.

When you go to the Father and Jesus, do so with faith, hope, love and thanksgiving. Do this and you will find the will of God.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant