I Still Bow to Jesus

I cannot and I will not entertain any thoughts that are not based on, or in, the word of God. And as Paul opposed Peter about his hypocrisy, I, too, will oppose those who espouse something that is false, Galatians 2:11-14. I cannot accept, nor have I ever been able to accept, the concepts and doctrines of men. 

A friend once told me that I am never open to new ideas. He said I always say what I believe, and refuse to listen to what others think concerning the Scriptures and the Christian walk. I simply said, “That’s because I walk by the Spirit and He will not allow me to go against the truth.” 

Through a vision I was shown that a large part of my ministry would be destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. 

Some people say that I am thinking too highly of myself, and one has said that I seem to have appointed myself to be the official interpreter of the word of God. But this is so far from the truth that it is almost laughable. I have appointed myself as nothing; Jesus appointed me to be His ambassador, He did so by appearing to me and laying His hands on my shoulders, ordaining me. And, at another time, He said I had been chosen to help His people because I was the most unworthy of all. For this reason I call myself God’s most unworthy servant. I don’t use these words flippantly, I use them because they came from heaven, as did my ordination. 

In nearly every letter I write, I tell the reader to weigh everything I say on the scales of the word of God. I want every word I write to be put to the test. Don’t compare my words with the words others have said. Compare them to the holy Bible. 

It is very difficult to stand for the truth because the majority of Christians consider themselves to be experts on the truth. They suppose that to question what they have been taught would be a lack of faith. Therefore, to hear something that is contrary to what they have been taught would be, to them, a step below blasphemy. This attitude is of the devil. Christians should always be open to the truth; and Jesus is the truth. 

I was not taught by men; I was taught by the Holy Spirit. Whatever He hears, He speaks; and He discloses to me what is to come. For instance, in the mid 70’s I applied for a $600.00 loan. The banker I dealt with was new to our town and we had never met before that day. He told me to come back to the bank in two hours. When I arrived he walked up to me and said that I couldn’t have the loan. I asked him why, and he just said I couldn’t have it. I asked him why I couldn’t have it again. He just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I walked out and started down the stairs. Before I was halfway down the steps the Lord spoke and said, “I am going to take his firstborn son because he had no reason to deny your request for a loan.”

That same week I told a friend about the experience and about what the Lord had revealed. It turned out that my friend knew the man and said that his wife was pregnant. Three months later his firstborn son was stillborn. 

There are several other things like this that the Holy Spirit has shown me before they happened. Whether you agree with what I’ve said in this letter, or not, is up to you. My conscience is clear before God. I want to fit in, but not at the cost of laying aside what I know to be true. 

In my walk I have seen angels and I have seen demons. Demons have lashed out at me through people before those people knew what they were doing. Angels have prevented me from car accidents several times. Forty-two angels have been appointed to me. I have no idea what they all do for me. I just know that forty-two have been appointed to me.

Knowing these things and experiencing them, I still bow to Jesus. He is my Savior. He is my Rock. I am totally helpless without Him. And everything I say in these letters point to Him. He is all in all. He is the beginning and the end. He is and was, and is to come. His name is not a magic wand, it is the name above all others, and it is the name to which all creation will bow. 

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant