Some more thoughts:

In Colossians 2:2-3 Paul speaks of all the wealth that comes from the full assurance of understanding, and a true knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ Himself, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; wealth and treasures worth more than all the earthly wealth and treasures combined; worth so much that anyone who gets a glimpse into its beauty will sell everything he owns just to partake of that beauty.

Oh, yes, dear friends, this is the prosperity gospel that I preach. This is true prosperity. This is biblical prosperity. This is prosperity that is worth losing one’s life for. This prosperity is found in the kingdom of the living God. This is true wealth, true riches, true treasures, and it is freely given to the meek and lowly by the One who loves us beyond comprehension. This is Christianity.


When you pray — consider this — who is there to challenge? Who will deny our quest? Already we are more than conquerors: We are heirs of our Father; our Father is God; God is love; love never fails; — our triumph is sure as the dawn.

He comes to us like the showers, like the spring rain watering the earth — refreshing, renewing, providing — rewarding our faith in His love. His coming is with power in ways unencumbered by thought — ways that only angels (and perhaps small children) recognize.

Deeply touched by the vulnerability of our human frailties, He shields each trusting footstep from snares that lie in wait — leading, guiding, protecting — providing ways of escape. Surely we may always pray and not lose heart. Surely we are children of a most wonderful and magnificent Father!


Little things, like staying within the speed limit and observing all traffic laws, cleaning up after ourselves in public restrooms, and even opening doors for our wives, help us to learn obedience to God. If we do these things and other things like them out of respect for our heavenly Father, because His Word tells us to be respectful of others and to obey the authorities which exist, we will find ourselves coming closer and closer to an intimate walk with Him. He will begin teaching us the secrets of walking by the Spirit.

You see, one cannot walk by the Spirit and disregard the speed limit. It’s impossible; the Holy Spirit won’t allow it (with the exception of maybe emergencies). One cannot walk by the Spirit and be disrespectful of, or to, people; the Holy Spirit will not allow that either. So the more we press forward and maintain an obedient attitude in little things, even seemingly insignificant things, the closer we will find ourselves to the Lord; for we are obeying His Holy Spirit. And the more we obey His Holy Spirit, the more He will entrust to us. Self will ultimately find itself diminishing, and the image of the Son of God will begin shining forth.


If a Christian sits in judgment of someone, and that someone senses the judgment, the one being judged could possibly be devastated to the point of self-condemnation and thereby lose his, or her, salvation. As Christians, we have more influence on others than we are aware of and we must be careful to let our love for others keep our tendency to judge at bay. We must never put a hindrance between any one and the love of God.


When you’re trusting God for something, don’t stand on the Word, or claim the promise, simply endeavor to trust Him within your heart. When doubts arise apologize to Him and ask for help to overcome your doubts; He will move heaven and earth to help you.

Standing on the Word and claiming a promise are not in the Bible; trusting the Lord is. Circumstances sometimes hinder, or cloud, trust (faith) and the Lord understands this; He will most assuredly help us when we are honest with Him.

Never speak to your problems or your circumstances; instead, depend on the Lord to lead you through your problems and circumstances; persevere and learn the lessons contained in your journey. The Lord is truly our Shepherd, and we shall not want.