Walking by Faith

Dear friends, try this:

Place both of your hands in front of your face, touching your nose. Spiritually speaking, this is how far you should be able to see if you are trusting Jesus. If you find yourself squirming to see what lies beyond your hands, you may very well be double-minded and/or have a hard time with trust issues; again, spiritually speaking.

If this is the case you would do well to change some habits such as picking up trash when you see it, rather than just walking by; cleaning public restrooms before you leave them, even if you didn’t dirty them; opening doors for your wife; changing your eating habits for the better, and drinking one soda, rather than two or three a day, etc., and do these things as unto the Lord. In other words, begin to practice discipline for the glory of God, doing what is practical and right, rather than what you want, thereby striking a blow to Self.

If you are diligent to practice these and/or other similar things, you will find it becoming easier and easier to let go of any preconceptions, and any hindrances you might have. Trust will slowly, but surely, become a part of your life. Looking beyond your hands will be something from which you would shy away; for the simple reason that Self is decreasing, and Jesus is increasing; Self is being relegated to a place of nothingness, and the Life of Christ is taking its rightful place.

Few will take this advice; most will shrug it off and continue down the wider road, where if you attend church regularly and are brushed up on your church’s doctrines, or if you spend enough time praying and reading the Bible, or preaching, your faithfulness in church attendance, and/or your knowledge and zeal alone should get you into heaven. And this wide road is crowded with the souls of those who want to control their own lives, their own destiny.

But this word is only for those chosen and called by God; those who know they were called to be His people; a people to work together with Him and allow Jesus to be Lord of their lives; a humble people who forsake all to heed that call. This word is for them.

Do you want to do the will of God? Walk away from yourself, and follow Jesus. Don’t look beyond your hands pressed against the nose of your face, as it were. Follow the still, small voice within.

The Lord bless and richly fulfill the longing of those who hunger for Him.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant