My Credentials

I understand many things I say and write offend some who have been taught differently. Please know I don’t mean to cause trouble or strife. I simply cannot go against what I have learned from the Lord. You see, early in my Christian life it was revealed to me that I was to follow no man, but to only listen to God. This was revealed to me both in my own spirit and another man’s vision. I was even told to stop reading books and only read the Bible, which is what I’ve done for several decades now. I am not asking for you to give me the benefit of the doubt; I am asking you to be careful how you judge me. I ask this for your sake, not mine.

Please consider these experiences I have had: Jesus was standing in the delivery room when I was born. The attending nurse saw Him. She said He also stayed in the room my mom and I were put in after my birth. He stayed there until we went home. She saw Him and His glory every day we were there. When I was sixteen I saw Jesus descending from heaven and a cloud received Him out of my sight. When I was twenty-two He walked me down the aisle to an altar, and knelt in front of me, and I was born again. Once I was caught up to a place where I found myself standing beside Jesus, with Peter, James, and John standing on the other side of me. Paul walked by in front of us looking straight at me. (I was out of my body.)

When I was one completed semester into Bible college, the Lord told me to quit school and return home because my biological father needed me. Within 20 minutes of visiting with him he had a heart attack and passed away. I prayed for him for at least 30 minutes and the Lord answered my prayer and breathed life back into him. He was not a Christian when he died, but he was a Christian when he was born for the second time.

Dear friends, you might think I am bragging on myself? But I am surely not. If I am bragging about anything, it is on the Lord, for I did nothing but obey Him; and I obeyed Him only by the power which comes through His grace and mercy.

Why am I writing this letter? I am simply laying my credentials bare before you. And I do this with the hope that you will be careful in your judgment of me.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant