The Small Cloud

I first saw Jesus when I was sixteen. My grandfather had passed away about a week before. This was my biological dad’s father. He was a pastor. I was sitting in a recliner looking out a large window and watching the clouds go by. They were moving fairly fast from my left to my right. As I watched I saw a small cloud in the distance headed my way. It looked out of place because the other clouds were much larger. My eyes became fixed on the little cloud as it moved in unison with the other clouds. Soon it was in front of the house and it stopped. The larger clouds kept going by, but the small cloud sat dead still in the sky.

I don’t remember getting out of the recliner, but I found myself on my knees in the street next to the curb. Someone appeared on the cloud and began talking to me. It was my grandfather who had passed away. We had only met about two weeks before he passed away. He began telling me a few things, the last of which was my purpose in life which was to help people. I asked him how I was to help people and he said, “You will find the way.” As soon as He spoke those words I saw someone from whom the glory of God emanated walking through the sky behind and above the small cloud. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on Him because the glory of God was so brilliant. He walked straight to the cloud my grandfather was on, and when He arrived my grandfather said, “This is Jesus. I have to go now.” The two of them disappeared into the cloud and it began moving again, in unison with the larger clouds.

A lady from up the street hurried to me and said, “You had a vision, didn’t you?” I told her I didn’t know what a vision was. She explained it to me and I realized I had experienced a vision. Six years later I saw Jesus for the second time and I became a Christian.

The first apostles saw Jesus ascending from the earth and a cloud received Him out of their sight. I saw Him descending from heaven and a cloud received Him out of my sight.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant