Five working angels

One evening my wife and I visited another couple in North Carolina who lived 30 to 40 miles from us. Just before we headed home it started to rain. About half way home the rain had become very heavy and the winds were howling. The road we took was very narrow and surrounded by very tall trees and we couldn’t see very far in front of us (it was also pitch black). It seemed like the road curved every 10 or 15 feet. (It may not have been that often, but it was close).

As we were coming out of one curve I saw two angels, one on each side of the road, standing a few feet ahead of us. The angel on the right let me know I had to slow to just a few miles per hour very quickly. I did and as we rolled to the point where the angels were standing the road took an abrupt curve to the left. About 3 to 6 feet into that curve there was a fallen tree stretched across the road. It covered the entire road. We were able to get around the tree by driving on the side of the road. My wife and I were so grateful that the Lord had sent two angels to protect us.


Another time in Florida we managed an apartment complex we lived in. Every Christmas I would decorate a tree in the front yard. One year just as I finished stringing the lights the Lord told me three angels would be standing around the tree I had just decorated. I expected to see the angels, but I didn’t.

However, a couple weeks later I was out front one evening checking the lights for burned out bulbs when a car drove by very slowly. It went by and turned at the end of the block and came back, and stopped in front of our building. There were two people in the car and one of them, a lady, got out of the car and walked up to me. In a very shy tone she spoke and said, “I don’t know how to tell you this, but there are three angels standing around your tree.”

I thanked her and spent the rest of the evening telling my wife about it and thanking God for having done such a wonderful thing for the lady and her companion. I could tell by her voice that they were both truly blessed. (I didn’t tell her the Lord had told me about the angels; those angels were for her, not for me).

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant