A slave to Jesus

Unlike most people, I didn’t choose the Lord, He chose me. And I am glad He did. Serving Him is an honor. My path has been lonely, but well worth it. The Lord has healed my son of an incurable crippling disease and He has vindicated me several times when people have misjudged me. 

I have seen Him heal others along my path, bringing them joy and health. I have been given the privilege of hearing trees praising God, and of flowers revealing secrets to me. 

Once my Master told me that if I would trust Him to supply my needs, I must be willing to give away even that which I needed. My wife and I gave all our money to others more needy than ourselves. We had no income at this time, no savings, no assets worth anything. And the Lord supplied our needs in miraculous ways without our telling any one that we were in need.

Today we have enough money to give to both the church and the poor. You see, the Master to whom I am a slave is a wonderful Person; He is love; He is merciful, compassionate, and His lovingkindness endures forever. 

Someone once told me that I have no human dignity, since I am a slave to Jesus. But what he didn’t understand is that Jesus treats me like I am the apple of His eye. We watched our son going crippled for 18 months and  Jesus healed him in the blink of an eye. I spoke the words, “In the name of Jesus be healed,” one night when our son was asleep. The following day He was not crippled anymore.

My goodness, I would be a slave to Christ even if He didn’t want me. I would follow Him wherever He went. I once felt the weight of Jesus’ hands when He ordained me. His garment moved when I touched it. I stood with Him and three apostles when I was caught up with Him. Another apostle, Paul, walked by in front of us looking straight at me. He knew me. A man who was raised from the dead knew he had been dead, and credited  Jesus for bringing him back to life. I now have skin cancer, but I am not the least bit concerned, because my Lord loves me, and there is nothing impossible for Him.

By God’s grace I will be His slave forever. Will you?

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant