Please Respect Jesus

When I was born again, Jesus took hold of my left arm and walked me down a long aisle at an Oklahoma camp meeting. I knelt at the altar and He walked around and knelt in front of me. I was born again without uttering a word.

Jesus has always been a very kind and loving person to me. When I pray, I call on God in the name of someone I know and appreciate. I have seen Jesus several times and I am always aware that He is a living person. After He appeared and ordained me, I reached out and touched the hem of His garment as He was walking away up the stairs behind me. As my hand touched His garment He looked back and smiled at me. I cannot put into words what that smile did for me. It affected me more deeply than His putting His hands on my shoulders. 

I have sat before several preachers in my Christian life and I can honestly say that I’ve seen only one man preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The man’s name is Robert Morgan. I saw Jesus standing by him during the last service he held (he preached several days). He and his wife left the building and he came back in and walked up to me, and told me some things about my call. This man walked with Jesus and I am forever in his debt.

I have been very fortunate, as well as very mistreated. One pastor, who was also my friend, pitched a fit when I tried to tell him about an experience I had in his church. It was when my spirit was caught up with Jesus, Peter, James, John and Paul. When I started to tell him about it, he called me a liar, and hung his head out the passenger window of my pick-up so he couldn’t hear what I was saying. 

There have been many more people who have mistreated me badly. My wife and I finally accepted that all this is because of my call, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Bro. Morgan said my path would be one I wouldn’t choose for myself. So I just continue to accept it. 

The thing that bothers me most is hearing ministers and Christians misrepresenting Jesus. As I said in the beginning of this letter, Jesus is to me a very special and kind person who deserves nothing but respect, praise and honor. He is a living being, not a symbol to build formulas around. 

I sometimes wonder if the demons respect Him more than most Christians. I say this very cautiously, but I don’t think I’m stepping too far over the line. Those who use His name like a magic wand don’t respect Him. They just use Him. The same is true of those who claim things in His name. They don’t love Him enough to trust Him, so they claim to have a legal right to the promises of God. This is also true of those who jump from one preacher to another, seeking one that satisfies their fleshly desires, while at the same time promising them the promises of God through one way or another.

My friends, I am a 75 year old man in poor health. I am in almost constant pain. I cannot walk a block without excruciating pain. The pain is so unbearable that I need sleeping pills to get to sleep. Over a year ago the Lord told me I was going to go through a severe trial; and that I must bear it. Since then my health has gone straight downhill. I will not ask the Lord to heal me because He said I must bear it.  And so I bear it, all the while watching Christians misrepresent Jesus in every way, shape and form. 

My 13 year old granddaughter just asked me today to go to their church tomorrow. They hold drive in services, everybody sitting in cars. But because they are so disrespectful of Jesus in their teachings I find it extremely hard to sit through their services. So I doubt I’ll go. Some of them know of my letters and how I feel and won’t speak to me unless I force myself on them. These are people who believe they have the authority of Christ, yet when a man among them had cancer the Lord sent me to his house to pray for him, because with all their authority they could do nothing.

I apologize for my ramblings. I feel worn out tonight, like I can’t go much farther. I love each and every one of you, as well as the entire church. God bless you. Stand still and know that He is God. Please be respectful to Jesus.

Jon David Banks, God’s most unworthy servant